Frequently Asked Questions

What is We The Project?

We The Project is an innovative all-in-one entertainment platform that offers idea creators the networking services and tools they need to pull together a team, develop their projects, build up a fan base and distribute finished products. 

If I develop a project on your platform, does We The Project own any of the rights to my work?

No. As a piece of copyrighted material, you own all the rights reserved under copyright law. We The Project has no rights claims on your project whatsoever.  However, we are allowed to showcase any materials you publish on our platform to show others the great projects being done using our website and our powerful collaborator model.

What's kind of projects can be done on We The Project

A project is defined as singular production of content that a creator has submitted and is active. It can be any portion of the production phase.  A project can be a film, a commercial, web series, special content video, script development, post production, etc.

Project Creation

How do I create a project?
Click on the “my projects” button in the right hand corner of the screen to get started in the project creation process. The site will guide you through a short wizard to determine the scope of your project and details you wish to show.

Can I invite people to my project?
Yes. The project creator can invite collaborators to your project through the project settings or through the team tab.

Is there a fee to join We The Project?

There is no fee to join.  Registering and using our service to connect is entirely free!  During this time, please use our service to connect with other creatives. In the future you can look forward to negotiation tools that will make the hiring process simple and secure.

Messaging and Video Chat

How do I send a direct message to a user?
You can contact a user directly on our site by clicking on the messaging icon near their profile on their profile page. Messages that take place on a project will be stored within the project. 

Does We The Project have video chat?
No. We currently do not have video chat as a service on our platform but look forward to it in the future!

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